Blanc de Noir 2015 vins Casus Belli Andorra Unesco

Blanc de Noir 2015

It is a sparkling wine made from late-harvested Pinot Noir grapes to provide the perfect balance. The non-addition of sugars allows the character to move neatly to the glasses and seem like a reserve wine, which explains its complexity.
After 52 months with its lees, the whole is carefully evaluated for stripping, depending on the wine, its specific attributes, evolution, season and final destination, thus guaranteeing a perfect sensory experience in each bottle of Casus Belli Brut Nature.
After all this attention we find a sparkling wine that is the true natural essence of Pinot Noir grapes. Its nose is rich and toasty, with strong hints of nuts, orange peel, roasted apple and biscuit. Its creamy bubble elegantly lets you feel the passage of time as the wine evolves in the glass. The mouth is structured, complex and balanced, dry and very deep. Its good acidity and slight bitterness alongside its great length bring it into line with a great Champagne!

Casus belli Blanc de Noir 2015

VARIETY:Pinot Noir
ORIGIN:Any de la Part - Ordino
VINEYARDS:Feixes de Baix del Pont d’Ordino
HARVEST: 27 october 2015
AGEING:52 months in vat